TV and Me

One thing that I take perverse pride in is the fact that I watch very little TV. I have a big old 60 inch screen that sits nearby that I rarely use. Now, I’m no saint, mind you, in fact, up until recently ( Go thru my posts) I was either too busy or too […]

Something In Common

  My Dad came into my head again…   This time was a little different than the last… (He haspopped up more times that I have shared with you guys, but I will say he hasnot been around since my last post) Anyway, I got to thinking about what jobs that myfather had held over […]

Is anybody out there?

Well itis time to update you guys,  however I have already taken a sleeping pill so I it will not happen tonight Here are some of the highlights…. Let go from my Job, now working 2 jobs to get some dough. One house I own is going into closing. And Blood is the new Black! […]

Stop The Car

My Father entered my head yesterday. As I get older, he is doing that more often. This time I remember him showing up around the time I just started to drive. that would put me around 17-18 years old. I’m driving down Monroe street, he is in the car with me. I’m not clear how […]

Are You Ready! You Need This Revisited

Once again it is January and time for my yearly” get in shape” post.  While a lot of folks like to start getting in shape for the year using the first month of the year as a inducement,  the fact is even for those of us who may be in better shape that the average person knows that if we want to […]

Paul Simon

I love Paul Simon. There I said it.. Or rather his gift to us, his songs, I really cannot think of another artist that has reached me more where I live than Simon. I can tell you the first line that touched me as a young teenager “the words of the prophet are written on […]