When A Love Affair Is Over..

When a Love Affair is Over..

We had some good times…  Convertible and me. I remember when I first saw her, sitting in the backyard of my mechanic”s shop, rust free with no dents, she had oversized tires and a huge base speaker in the trunk. Her top was in good condition, and I was able to let it down even after she  sat for months without any attention to it. That sold me, once that top was down I was hooked. No smoke, and I could have her in installments! I was done.

Time passes by and while it did, the cost of keeping her on the road started almost the minute I left the shop.

First up, was to get rid of those oversized tires, then to repair the back windows that would not go down. Then I discovered that she lied to me and would smoke a little after we would go out for drives.

Convertible would never listen to me about those back windows, no matter how many times I had them repaired they would soon refuse to work and not come down.

Not long after, I had her front bucket seats redone with new fabric, Convertible repaid my kindness by allowing her rear glass window to fall in front of the top as I lowered it, just so it could be smashed to bits. So I had to replace the top!

However convertible was kind at times, she loved long drives to Myrtle Beach with the top down.

she loved the comments about her looks despite her old age along with her energy that defied her years. Often I would see the admiring glances from other drivers as we waited for the light to change. That almost made it worth the pain she would put me through.

Still, she would not see that same pain that she caused me was also numbering her days with me. Her neediness was becoming an expense that I could no longer afford.

But she had other plans…

it only takes a moment and the whole world shifts… My wife has a mishap with the main car.. it has to go into the shop for a few weeks.. once again I find myself dependent on Convertible..

Her price.. before she would let me drive her again, replace the water pump, The chastity belt of this car, you almost have to take out the engine to replace it. I will not shock you with that cost, but what else could I do? I needed her once again.

She is a Harsh mistress, like any vain, sick person she cannot see her lover’s pain, only hers. I replaced the “CAT” on her hoping that it would cure the vapors that would fill the car when I drove it. She answered my prayer with even more fumes.Now she is demanding a new “Heart” or engine with promises of fidelity once I give her that.*(She seem to know I have been checking out the internet for her replacement with a Crown Victoria that has speed and with a little help from me, good looks)

But she knows that I can spend much less on her, than on a younger love, so she sits in my driveway, hoping that I come to my senses. and return her to the glory that she once had.

The problem is… She may be right…


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