What I want for my Girls.. and all woman everywhere

I often mention to people in conversation that I have raised my daughters to be feminists. Really? what does that mean? is it even Christian?

Well, in today’s world feminism can mean different things to many people, but that is because they weigh the term down with unnecessary views and opinions that obscure the real meaning of what should be what every woman should want.. The right to be treated with dignity in this world as capable as any man in the things that matter.

Should my girls be paid the same as any man when doing the same job?

Should they be judged (positively or negatively on how they look when going for a Job?

Should they have to dress and act in a way to impress men, rather than dress in a way that represent them?

Now, I will be the first to say that in a lot of ways I’m a traditionalist on relationships between man and women within marriage, BUT that does not mean that a husband should stick to so called traditions on who should do what ie housecleaning, what the husbands work is as opposed to what a wife should be doing “around the house.” No one should be expected to work a full time job, and come home to do everything else as well. these things should be shared between mates.

I do not care what my Kids do for a living, I just care if they can be happy doing it. Whatever they choose it should be because they can do the Job. Not for any other reason.


And that is what feminism is no more no less.


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