Well, You Could Ask Me, but I Would Rather You Find It Out On Your Own.

Really, I do, that way we both benefit. You, by a few IQ points (well, a few tenths of a point) and me by not having to teach you everything about your question just so I can then answer it in a way that you can at least grasp the concept enough so not to embarrass me later on when you are asked, “Where did you learn that from? Back of a box of frosted flakes”? No, Joel told me.

I have a very good friend, who is a Doctor, and is very smart in his field but is not  very well read beyond that. Still, he enjoys a good conversation on almost any subject and will listen to you and will admit when he does not know.

In this case, he is not the person to talk about politics or rather the “Civics” of our government.

For 6 years now, he thinks that we can talk about politics, because I said in 2007 that I did not think that the current president would win the National election. Now any disagreement ends with “Who are you? You said that Obama would lose!”

To be fair, this prediction was at the start of the primaries. Obama had carried a northern state or two but we still had a slew of southern states to go. I certainly was not alone at that time with this opinion.

Him: Why Not?

Me:   “Because he will not win in the South”

Him: Why Not?

Me:   Think about it dude.

That led me into explaining how the two party system works, and why we do not elect president by popular votes. I will spare you all of that as no doubt you know all this.

How were we to know, that given a good campaign manager, “Donald Duck” would have won, because the other guy was “stinking on ice” as my Father used to say.

Another time, I spent a hour showing a friend how to move tiles on his Tablet, and setting it up so that everything he needed was on the opening screen.

Him: Wow, thanks buddy

Me:   No problem, anytime..

Two weeks later, he tells everyone that I messed up his tablet!…

Sooo.. I could tell you but, well.. you know.


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