Knob Creek

Had a busy time today. went to work, came home, cooked dinner, now starting my year end blog. (by the way, My year end report on my blog, from the hosting company was depressing to say the least. I guess I have to write more entries this upcoming year..

Rather than call this MY YEAR END BLOG! I think I will call it “Knob Creek” after the bourbon I’m currently drinking while I write this.

I have to be honest with you guys, I really have no excuse for such a lousy output of updates to my blog. When I was consistent with my writing I found that I had a few folks who would take the time to read them. Most of those are no longer with us, so I guess I may have to rebuild my followers.

Except my “special bud” who will always be that “bud”even if we never see or speak to each other ever again. She knows who she is… (She always reads what I post, it is a dirty job but someone has to do it.) I hope everything is going great for you.. if not well.. you know I will be in your corner. If it gets really bad, then I will hop on the next flight to wherever you are to get things right if I have to…

This year, I guess should be called my “carnal” year, cuz I did a lot of traveling to different places. Like Mexico and Hawaii and the Caribbean. I also ate and drank whatever I wanted to, which has been a blast, to say the least,. Of course, for the next three months I have to make due amends of my reckless ways by killing myself in the gym for the next few months.

However.. not finished traveling yet!

Europe and Asia are on the board hopefully.( Did you know that Knob Creek is 100 proof!)

At this point I need to inform you that if you think that I have a bunch of money to enable me to do all of this globe trotting, the truth is I’m really broke. I just work for an Airline that will let me sit in the cargo hold for free.

Did I have some bad times this year? Oh yea, you can count on that,  mi amigos, Just last week as an example, I had a Panic Attack that made me want to slit my throat. I have medication that is supposed to stop that kind of thing, but I guess it needed to take a week off! I’m sure that I can be a handful at times, so I can’t blame it. After all, unlike me, it does not have to watch over two teenage girls who are slowly driving me to drink. ( Sorry, I forgot that I am drinking right now, so it is looking like a win for them.)

I could go on, but I do not want to be too dark, I look upon this new year as a unopened package of great things. If not, then a gift that will teach me how to be even more hopeful for the next year that will be upon all of us, much too soon

To you and yours, a great year….

Five J


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