A Father’s question

As most of you arew aware, I live my life at the beck and call of a house full of the distaff sex. as a full fleged card carrying BBBM (baby booming black man)
This can grive me right to the core…

The things I have to learn the hard way at the feet of a 15 year old girl.. did they have to deal with this in the old days….
“Dad, I needth some undergarments
“Why do you speak to me of this? doth knows that it maketh my ears burnth”
” everything is a mirthful thing with thou, you laugh while I must endure soiled undergarments!
“Oh the pain I must endure with this, why do you have a mother? go to her with thy entreaties. By the way whyeth we speak of this everytime we are at the bullseye shop. I just obtainedth thy some undergarments no more a mere score of days ago. do you not knowth

of the wizard that resides in the basement that can cleanse thy undergarments? many a shilling has been shelled out for his services.”

“I cannoth belive my ears at such doltish words? wouldth thou become a woman and speakth with such clarity, you wound me with thy blockheadedness. some stains cannot be removed with the same dispach as your skidthmarks can be”.

“why do speakth with that toneth i broughted you in to this realm I can removeth you just as the same”.

“Just as you desire, so you will no longer have to buyth my undergarments”

I giveth up maiden, lead me to the undergarment section, I will not purchase any thing that showth a panty line that is so urbanth… so dont beseeches me otherwise.


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