Pushing a car uphill.. with a rope

“Well it was trying to push a car uphill.. With a rope”

Life can be that way at times, a year ago you could not have told me that I would have lost my job, my last parent, and starting over with my own company. Starting my own company is,  out of all of those things the most unbelievable occurrence for me.


I value constancy, do not like stuff or things, animal or vegetable, that is beyond my control, what little control that any of us have these days. I have always felt that a half a loaf is better than none at all, and “a half a loaf secure is a half a loaf sure”
These times we find ourselves in however, nothing is sure or for that matter, secure. On any level. We have to be what we need to be to survive.

So, off into the fray without a net I have been cast! So far at least, my God has helped at just the right times to keep me and mine afloat, despite my many attempts to fail, I have had to fight the DC government, the Maryland state government, spend a bunch of bucks to get the permissions i needed to start my company up. Not to mention time that I could have been using to drum up sales, I had to use that time running back and forth to the various tax and licensing folks.

Only now can I start up marketing to try to build a home improvement contracting company. In the worst possible time of the year in this business, winter!

Do not get me started on the most feared thing, customers who will tell you they can find someone cheaper to do the job. (then why are you talking to me? call them now or even better do it yourself!) YOU pull the permits, pick up the materials, hire the crew, pay them fairly and back the work for 8 bucks an hour! based on what you think your job is worth…

Wish me success, I will need all I can get….