TV and Me

One thing that I take perverse pride in is the fact that I watch very little TV. I have a big old 60 inch screen that sits nearby that I rarely use. Now, I’m no saint, mind you, in fact, up until recently ( Go thru my posts) I was either too busy or too tired to cut the thing on.The only reason I have cable at all is because the family would revolt if I had it removed. That reason, and of course, since it is a part of a “bundle” I need my WiFi service and so I’m a hostage to Big Cable.

So, the other day after I once again got off of the floor, after passing out looking at the latest cable bill ( &*&#$% 300.00 bucks!) I asked everyone… Does this really make sense? if everyone watched everything all day and night it still would not be a reasonable expense.( Blank stares all around me, like the Dead Sea at night) even after I once again boast of my long lost childhood, where we only had 8 channels to look at. 3 of which were coming out of Baltimore and pretty much duplicating the DC feeds, with poor reception to boot. And one channel that pretty much showed old movies aptly named, in order.. The Morning Movie, The Afternoon Movie, Cartoon Playhouse, and the Nightly Movie ending with the Late Movie and on weekends.. The Late, Late Movie.

The cost of all of this? Free, Free.

Logic, I have learned does not like being around my family it is not welcome and so finds any opportunity to run for the door.

Of course, even I have to admit that the quality of what we now view is a huge jump over it was when I was a kid especially in dramas, not so much in comedy, as I notice that other’s misfortune seems to where most of today’s yuks are mined from.

Good TV drama is becoming expected, rather than hit and miss. Now because of this, my TV ban is in danger and the worse part of it is that I still have not turned on my TV, and I have clocked more TV time in the last month than I have for all of last year…

Next Up… Binged! Beware..


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