Something In Common


My Dad came into my head again…


This time was a little different than the last… (He has
popped up more times that I have shared with you guys, but I will say he has
not been around since my last post) Anyway, I got to thinking about what jobs that my
father had held over his life time, other than the Army, and it occurred to me
that I could not really say.( I do not know if he even completed high
school!) When my parents were together, when I came along, I was too young to
ask or care.

By the time I may have wanted to know, he was rarely around.
I could ask my sister, I guess, but that had not occurred to me until now.

Still, I have been able to put together a some placements,
but few were standouts, I do know that he was Brook Benton’s valet for a while.( Look him up) Once, he stopped by
the house, driving a florist truck so that goes on the list. However, the job
that I do know of, was a job for a now defunct airline. He would had to have been
working out at DCA, Dulles International was still in the planning stages. How did I know
about this one job of his at such a young age? I remember this job, because
every morning, I and my siblings would come down the stairs to a red hard
plastic bowl that had A National
Airlines logo stamped on the bottom. That was always filled with oatmeal.

I saw a bowl just like it for sale, at the DCA open house a week before the new
terminals opened a few years back, I should have picked one up. The memories that rushed back on me when I held that bowl again!

So, my dad came into to my head again, with good reason,
today I was working at the one place we have in common, something that reaches
across the years… The same place he was for a time some 50+ years ago. The
same place doing the same time I do now… working for an airline at DCA.


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