Stop The Car

My Father entered my head yesterday. As I get older, he is doing that more often. This time I remember him showing up around the time I just started to drive. that would put me around 17-18 years old. I’m driving down Monroe street, he is in the car with me. I’m not clear how that happened, I do not remember which car or even who’s car it was. I never knew where my father lived, so I could not be taking him home.

I think he wanted to see how his first born drove a car, the last time he stopped by, by the time he left the house, he had my asked to “borrow” my BS and T album with the promise that he would bring it back. This was BS and T’s second album so that would put that visit late 68, early 69 -I was in Junior High and would be about 15 years old then, so you have an idea of the time between visits. I never saw my albums again.

Anyway, we are in the car and I’m driving down Monroe street and I’m driving real close to the parked cars on the right side of the street,

“What are you doing Son?”

“Staying on my side of the street Dad”

“You are too close to the parked cars”

“I have to stay on my side”

“Stop the Car”

We change seats, Dad turns the car around, and just like that, we are headed back towards the house. My Father is racing up the street in the middle of the road while giving me the following advice..

“There is no side of the road until another car shows up, until that happens, take up all the space you want.  Also, if you ever have a choice between a car and a tree.. Go for the tree, Trees can’t sue”

Then, just as quick as he came into my head he left, Just like he did when he was alive.


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