Are You Ready! You Need This Revisited

Once again it is January and time for my yearly” get in shape” post.  While a lot of folks like to start getting in shape for the year using the first month of the year as a inducement,  the fact is even for those of us who may be in better shape that the average person knows that if we want to be looking good by the time we come out of our winter coats, It will take at least 3 months to either reach or get near to the goal of shirtless perfection.

Last year, for whatever reason, I started late and was sporadic to boot, with my training, and as a result this year I’m not as bad as I was, shape wise last year at this time. weight is around 170-73 and I have been as low as 168 over the last few months.

So I have a pretty good canvas to work with this year, in that, I do not have to worry about weight loss issues to contend with. Which in turn means I do not have to be as concerned with my diet.

That does not mean I can chow down what I want, when I want, but it does mean that I can hold off  the stricter diets until later on this year. That is when I can dial in any adjustments to get rid of any excess fat.

This year I will start on a 12 week plan that will end sometime in March of this year. At that point I will look at what emerges and adjust either workout or diet and that will bring me right up to late spring, and hopefully look like I want to look. Right now I’m 2 weeks into training, a little tired but I feel pretty good.

What about You?  Once again, I need to say.. do something!  even if it is just walking. You can start twice a day, walk for 15 minutes and turn around and walk back. You will at the end of the day have walked for an hour. Cut out just white bread and white potatoes and you will start to lose weight! Over time, you can pick up the pace Keep the time limit but move faster! Continue to make small adjustments in what you eat( lower sugar and fats) and the amounts and the weight will continue to come off.

And you will have not spent one cent on any kind of equipment or gym memberships.


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