When we outlaw rocks, only outlaws will have them rocks

“Electrical kitchen appliances kill countless people a year” are you going to outlaw those?

Me: “Well, not before I finish making my grill cheese sandwich” this George Forman grill may be a death dealing appliance, but it sure makes a good sandwich”

We miss the point; no one wants anyone’s guns. We just need to know why any gun owner would need a weapon that has had one purpose, to kill another human being. James Bond may have need of such, but a now dead woman and her son who resided in Connecticut sure did not need them. And 27 others have paid the ultimate price in blood. I do wonder what was the intent of the founding fathers was. I cannot say, Neither can you, I would be surprised if this action and others like it were foreseen by that august group. Here is another question, which is first? Your political life, or your countries well-being and safety?

We will know soon enough.


3 thoughts on “When we outlaw rocks, only outlaws will have them rocks

  1. “So dudes, those British guys are totally going to invade us pretty soon. I think the people need to keep their muskets on hand; their lives and our budding country are at stake.”

    1. It’s one thing to have y’know..WAR in mind. I’d sympathize more for gun owners if they didn’t act so insensitive or react so extremely to these tragedies. But the outspoken majority are so caught up in this distorted idea of “patriotism” (that it is their right to carry a lethal weapon JUST BECAUSE) that it just scares me. It scares the hell out of me.

      A 6th grade in Utah brought a gun to his school today to protect himself from people like Lanza. Because guns have become an American answer to fear.

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