A day in the life.. Part One

Tuesday Morning: 6:15am

My eyes open once more, despite almost eight hours of sleep, I wake up with the same sense of grey tinged dread I went to bed with. I do not want to get up, and for a moment my body acts as it wants to oblige and lets me lie here unable to move.

However, this day the body does not make the decision, I do, so I get up and drag to my first job of the morning and wake up my 16 year daughter for school. The school system, after long discussions and threats by me and my wife, finally allow us to remove her from the horrible school she was attending and chose another school farther out.

Whatever joy we had for that victory over bureaucratic intransigents was momentary and light; the school system has refused to provide transportation to the new school! A school that they chose!

We fight on.. While we fight on, I have to take my child to school, her first class is at 7:30 I have to be at work at 8:30 a drive thru the 3rd worse traffic in the nation, a drive that takes 20 mins with no traffic.

After waking my child  up, I then trudge upstairs to my wife’s room, It’s has been over three years since she had a job after being told that she is suffering from a plentiful basket of autoimmune sicknesses.  Many days her body will make the decision not to move. She is always in some kind of pain, but she half’s the amount of drugs she is prescribed so she can do something towards the running of the household and to be available to me and the kids.

She offers to take over the job of dropping of our child to school,( she already picks her up after school and that is touch and go) I know she cannot do it with any kind of regularity, and without  that accouterment,  it really does not help me, because I still need to get up. I do not know if her body will allow her to make the trip. I point this out to her daily but she is insistent.

Today is a good start, her body is cooperating, she gets up, and that allows me to start for work.


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