A Day in the life Part 2: So much coffee, so little time

So much coffee so little time Part 2

My little girl taken care of, I can now move to the next most important item on my list, COFFEE,COFFEE and COFFEE!

Did I mention coffee? While I know that there are those out in the world that thinks that we have far too many Starbuck Coffee bars around, I’m not one of them. If I could get them to put one in my bedroom, construction would start now. The problem I have is I do not have the time to stop by a Starbucks in the morning. I have to resort to either 7-11 coffee or McDonald’s coffee. 7-11 coffee is like sweetened water to me now, and McDonalds is one of the few coffees that can get my ticker out of whack, and whatever they do to keep their coffee hot, WOW! it should be weaponized and used in combat. It may burn off all of the skin of the enemy but they will no longer have those pesky caffeine headaches that can ruin your day.

For me today is Starbucks interrupted, so I have to settle for 7-11 coffee which means that I will have to prostrate before the Java god at least one more time today before the work day ends.

Tuesday, 8:30

This morning RT 495 was good to me, the daily auto crash that ties this road up for miles happened just as I reached my exit. I ease on to Colesville rd without mishap and reach my office well before my set start time. If I did not have the setback of taking my 16 year old to school, I would take public transportation into the office. I pay a monthly fee for that, so counting that along with the extra fuel of using my 6 cylinder high output car every day and the cost of unused bus fare. Well, I try not to think about that as I really cannot change it for now.



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