The Worse Year of My Life

From time to time, I have heard the statement “this is the worse year of my life” That has always sounded a little off to me, in that as we move forward in age, we,( at least the majority) should have a few years left to live. So, to say any one year was the worst one.. Well, my feeling has always been, Stick around, you may be surprised.
If I was given to such hyperbole, I would have to say that this year for me has been the worst so far. Right now, from my “foxhole” waiting for the next bullet to wiz by, I do not see anything coming at me that would serve to change that statement. Illnesses at my home affecting family members. Good friends who have been informed that they have a terminal illness. My Job, which is giving me very little satisfaction right now.
I have 2 teenagers along with a 25 year old who act like they came into this world immaculately or worse yet, from pods that have dropped from sky. Their mission?, To educate the poor saps who had the stupidity to open the strange plants and claim the contents as one of their own.
I have been told that I’m a pragmatic person. I would like to think so, but even with a pragmatic outlook like mine, being positive can have its limits. “Let he who is without sin toss the first stone” I know that some wounds are self-inflicted but for now it looks more like affliction rather than original sin.
Here is an example, I live in a tri-state area that also has many towns and counties, all of them have now conspired to rid me of every bit of money I have by installing red light and speed cameras on every street they can find a place to plug them in. With 2 cars and 3 drivers no one seems to think they were the one who ran the light, or busted the speed zone! I still have to pay the bills! The last round of payments of late bills and registrations cost me nearly 1000.00.
While I hate, “Woe is me.” At times even those of us who may have some mileage on the road of life, and think we have seen it all. Even we have to stop a minute to just curl up into a fetal position for just a little while.
Just as long as we don’t stay that way..


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