I Think I know of where I’m From

While making the plans for my mothers memorial service, I found out that everything you think you know about family may be wrong.

In my family, there are 7 of us (3 boys, 4 girls) The age gap between me and the oldest is about 12 years. After that, we all pretty much stair-step in age. so my oldest sister has memories that none of the rest of us have.

One of the major memories she has, is of my Mom’s parents, both of which I did not know. I think I remember my grandfather, but I have no way of confirming that.

me: So the form is asking for Mom’s parents, Lillian was her name, I know. What was Gramps?

sis: Arthur

me: Yea, that is what I remember, I know that Lillian died first, what was she like?,

sis: I can’t remember, I do remember the second wife.

me: What? You guys never mentioned a second wife!

sis: Yea, he remarried

This is of course, a bit of a shock, It may seem small, but at my age to have the picture I have had in my head of how I got here, altered even this little, was a little disturbing. That’s not all, when I got to the part of what High School she attended, All of us siblings named three different high schools! which is impossible, since as a “colored person” back in the 1930’s My mom could only have gone to  one or two at the most. I mean can we count on anything being true? HA!

I think I will have to sit down with my sister soon and just interview her to make sure that she has no more surprises! LOL


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