Stones Vs The Beatles

I picked up the Rolling Stones newest CD, titled GRRR which is a Greatest Hits of sorts along with 2 new songs from Rock and Roll’s premier Geezers. This is, if you can believe it, is the first time I have brought any Rolling Stones music for my collection. It is not that I did not like what they put out over the years, I did, but not enough to buy whole collections.

Like most folks of my generation we were Beatles fans first. They were the band that was always pushing the boundaries of Rock and Roll music while at the same time respecting melody and lyrical content at the same time. I have to point out that for me the Beatles were that band that the “white folks” were crazy about. we were all about Motown and Atlantic Records R and B. those were the folks that formed the basics in my own soundtrack.

However, the fab four were not to be ignored, soon black artists were lining up to
cover their songs and in a lot of cases doing them better than the writers own versions.

This was not the case for the Stones, they were not trying to change the world, they just wanted to draw attention to what they considered the best music in the world, blues and the black artists that sang them.

You can hear the influence of that calling with the first 2 cuts on this CD “Come On” and “Not Fade Away” and it continues all the way thru to such hits as “Harlem Shuffle” Beast Of Burden” an of course the classic “Gimmie Shelter”

I now can see why some have said that
this band is the ultimate Rock and Roll band.


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