Eat Your Peas and Pay Your Dues

You got to fill out a form first, and then you wait in the line”

So is the main idea behind Paul Simon’s latest single, the Afterlife, where Simon sings about a afterlife that shows that even in death, one has to wait, and in waiting grows and learns before moving to the next step.

“Buddah and Moses and all of the noses from narrow to flat had to stand in the line just to glimpse the Divine, What you think about that? …..its all is designed no one cuts in the line, No one here likes a sneak”

You got to fill out a form first, and then you wait in the line…..

It seems that waiting in line, or more to the point “pay your dues” is fast becoming an anhaftma to a lot of people today. No matter where you look everyone wants what they want, and they want it, NOW.We have become a nation of people who are collectively screaming at our microwave ovens “HURRY UP” Ask your self, why does pop music suck? or great movies or books few and far apart? Why can’t I get someone to fix my car right the first time? I see it in my kids, this “I exist in this moment only to get to the next, the journey does not matter” That kind of existence can be excused in adolescents, but in a society? It is the worse kind of rust, one that eats from within.

Quincy Jones, would always tell his band members “From structure comes freedom” I have found that to be true. Once you really know how to do something well, only then can you push the envolpe. can anyone out there today be the next Buddy Rich? or Judy Garland?
I love the Beatles, I own a lot of the music, but they have killed the “American Songbook” and single handedly crippled the creation of great music. How? By making the art of songwriting look easy that every one thinks that they can write good music too.

I do not know what you think but I know that for every one Alicia Keys we have to suffer 10 Nickeys and will never again see another Ella or Nancy or Nina

No matter how much we try to cut corners, we will never be the fully realized person we could be if we do not “pay our dues” Yea, we can be lead to think that if we surround ourselves with things material, that is the indicator of not only what we have achived but somehow a positive measurement of what kind of person we are. The evidence however tells us differently.


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