Some White folks just love to say the word “Racist” to non-whites. They like to feel that word roll around the tongue. So happy that finally! they can feel the rush that they assume nonwhites feel when they level the word at them. I do believe they actually get wood. (Don’t know about the ladies, would be interested to know however.) Which brings me to the “Great White Hope” Herman Cain.. He is so wrong and so stupid on so many levels that I hardly know where to start. You know tis a strange thing being black in America these days, we are so far away from what my parents hoped for. Yet so close. Why is it so hard to reach a point where skin color means nothing, that is what my parents wanted and it is all I have ever asked. If not for Skin, Cain would not be even considered for President, maybe president of GM or any major corporation.  If not for skin, Clarence would not be on the Supreme Court either, he would be in some law office somewhere doing whatever his level of talent would allow him to do. Are Whites exempt from this rule? I’m sure that up to half of the Southern delegations (Northern Too!) in Congress have no reason to be in congress other than a perceived birthright (I knew this, but a recent post by “barking dog” refreshed my thinking on the elite in this country) Cain and his ilk just give some folks the pleasure to be able to use the word Racist and not be called for it. Like Ann Coulter, who feels that she can say “Our Blacks are Better than theirs.” She can udder (and I mean to spell it that way!) such because of the Cain’s of the world. We have reached a point in this country where the ignorant lead the illiterate. I can only hope that she is so big a fool that she is unaware of what she is really saying.

 I know now that we will never get this right, someone “better than Moses” will do it. But till that time, I will not stop pointing at the stain of hypocrisy that all of us carry. And neither should you.


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