I (kinda, sort of) Love NY

I was in NY city yesterday, no real reason other than to soak in the life and smell of the city. I have done this from time to time for no other reason than because it is there and can be reached from DC pretty easyly and cheap. My first visit was years ago with my 4th grade class. I remember it well, We traveled by train. it was during the time that Penn Station was being demolished to build Madision Square Garden. A dumb move that still resonates inside and outside of the city down to this day. interestingly,  One of my favorite places in the world is our own train station here in DC (Union Station) that just missed the same fate that was pushed upon Penn Station. Cooler heads somehow prevailed back then and Union Station will be around for yet another generation to enjoy and revel in.

Over the years life has rewarded me with a few connections to NY, first with Cushman and Wakefield a real eatate and property monster that I worked for here in DC. Then with Cox Communications who then owned Travel Channel, a cable network that had an office both here and in NY and Atlanta that I as Facilities Manager oversaw. finally with Scripps Interactive who has three offices in the NY area one of which houses the giant Food Channel operations in Chelsea. So I’m no tourist when I do go up to NY City

When I go to “The City” I prefer either train or the bus, because you can sit back and relax, but that is a strain from a time management point of view(3+ hours) so this last trip was by airplane which only takes about 35 minutes, about the same amount it takes for me to drive to the airport! That convience is somewhat outweighed by the fact that I have to take a city bus into town, then transfer to a subway line. I have to say however despite my love for all things Rail,  No train or bus seat views of Manhatten can come close to seeing the man- made muscled view of NYC from the air.

My last vist was spur of the moment, making up what I was going to do as I was on the plane.

1. Go to Lombardies Pizza

2. Go to Century 21 (shoe store)

3. Go to J&R

To you NY people, you can see that this was doable, as the stops are close together and close to the number 6 line that I could get in Harlem after I got off of the M60 bus line from LGA. I piece of cake for sure. I can make all stops, even stop and look at how things are progressing over at the former WTC site and still make my 6:00 flight back to DC!

Next: Stupid is as Stupid does


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