Look Out! Dad Has a DVD of Citizen Kane!

Yea I do, and I’m not afraid to use it either.

I have always wanted to make sure that my kids taste’s in the Arts was well-rounded, so as a result ,I have exposed them to as much of it as I can, given the lack of money available to me. As an example, I had wanted to take them to see Oklahoma (stage not screen) over at the Arena Stage here in Washington D.C. The least expensive ticket was 45.00 bucks and that was for a saturday matinee showing. I know you cannot cut costs when you are doing a show of that caliber, but if you are going to take the family to it, the cost for me would be around 250.00. A budget buster for sure.

I can see it now, me in one seat  holding myself down trying my best not to stand up and sing along with every song in the musical, and to my left, my kids trying their best to shrink down to the smallest size that is humanly possible to achieve, while at the same time flashing me death stares dark enough to stop a rhino in his tracks.

Not that it matters, unlike their Mother, I’m immured to the uncanny power of parental distain. I will come up with somthing very soon for them. Good thing they do not read my blog! (they can, it posts to facebook)


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