The Slow road to Mediocrity Starts Soon. But First things First

When you decide that you no longer want to take a drug that ( let’s face the truth) is helping you to cope with your day to day life, It does not matter if the drug is on the lower end of the scale like Prozac or Zoloft . Or one that is at the top of the heap, such as Clozapine or Haldol. Of which you get to take (if they can manage to pin you down that is) when you are really “off the Reservation.” if you know what I mean. You have to pay a price, if you for whatever reason refuse to stay on the drug. in the case of the latter it can range to reverting to wearing aluminum foil on your head to stop the government or aliens’ (depending on the day) from reading your mind. Or as in the case or a woman who can be found near the Friendship Hgts metro station near my office, you can be dressed completely in white rags dragging around a cart filled with even more white rags. Of course you can fall anywhere within the two or be the two.. Whatever. After all, a great benefit of psychosis is that your avocations are unlimited.

When you are at the lower end of the drug scale, the result may not be as demonstrative but it has its costs. As I would soon find out..


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