Star Trek Movie? Discuss..

Hard to believe that we are into February and this is my first entry into my blog! That’s the way to build readership, you bet… A lot has happened since I last posted, not only in life, but in the world as well.

However, the blogspere is full of comments about that, (the world, not my life!) So I will not be adding to the hot air that is currently blowing across the city. This blog will be about the upcoming Star Trek movie and about “Trek” in general.

Like many of you (at least those of us who have some sanity when it comes to “Trek”) I figured that they (Paramount Studios) pretty much sucked the last bit of life out of the franchise. I did not bother to see the last movie (the tenth) after the critics ravaged it. Now that in of itself would not stop me from dropping down my cash, but when no one I know saw it, or bothered to tell me they saw it, I know that it is pretty much radioactive waste. Examples of how that rule has paid off for me over the years are “Daredevil” The last two pre-reconned Batman movies, the last terminator, and the 3rd and Fourth Alien movies. I jumped the gun on the last 007 flick because I had some time to kill and so went to see it during the day. And saw that while it was not quite at the “waste level. It was a “wait for the DVD” if that.

So when I got the news about the retooling of the Trek franicise I was lukewarm at best. Why? Because when Star Trek is at it’s best, it is operatic and ironic in scope and that strenth brings out the other strenth it has, ensamble casting, that is simply if not the best, It’s darn close. That is why the first TV show holds up after all of these years of repeats despite the now cheap looking sets and primary colors of the casts clothing. (Mini skirted military uniforms?) For a non-fan to appreciate I can use the example of a show that if it did not become a hit, there never would have been a Star Trek. That show is of course,
“I Love Lucy” As hard as that is to fathom “Lucy” and most of the later shows “the Lucy Show,” etc, was made at the Desilu Studios that were owned by Lucy and her husband Desi. Hence the name “DESI” for him and LU for her. When they broke up, she got the studio and later sold it, and in time TV shows that were in production at the time of the sale wound up with Paramount Studios. (The couple sold “Lucy” rights early on and s a result have missed out on millions of residual monies from that show)

I digress, back to the point, I Love Lucy will be with us forever and one of the reasons is that the casting works! So well in fact that we find it hard not to think of the Ricardo’s and the Mertz’s as real people. Star Trek was able to do this despite the outlandish premise (for it’s time) of a space ship wandering all over the cosmos with women, Vulcan’s,  black folks, and what have you. Reminds me of the joke about Ginger Rogers who should be remembered as a better dancer than Fred Astair because she did every dance move he did, but backwards and in heels!

William Shatner and others will forever be seen as those space faring beings we came to know on that first show. Shatner went on to 3 other hit shows over the years all doing little to change our first and most lasting impression of him

 that has been Trek’s cross as well as it crown for 6 TV shows and 10 movies. Until now that is… and that will be in the next post.


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