Perfect Storm, Part One

23Perfect Storm Part One


If you are wondering if anyone is going to be able to fix this economy, you are in good company, because at this point any and all bets are off!

I wonder myself if it really can be fixed. I know that it can be “tinkered” with, so it can again move along and give the appearance of health, not unlike, a sick man, who has been given some stablelizing drug to stop the bleeding, but does not fix the problem. But long term? Please!,  the changes that have to made, by not just us, but the other entire world economies simply will not be made until events do it for them. By that time a lot of us will either be in breadlines, battle lines, or dead

Why so gloomy? It’s the nature of the beast, rather than make the hard choices now; mankind will always opt to push it to the next generation hoping that by that time science or luck will provide an answer. Our leaders are empowered by us to just maintain the status qoe.  If they do anything other than that, they can be sure of being swiftly removed from whatever elected office they are holding. So instead of leading, they end up following

Why are at this place anyway?  It is because we have allowed the monetary system to control us rather than the other way around. How so? By ignoring two absolute truths, Limited resources’ and the reason we have a monetary system in the first place.


When I was young I had in the kitchen, just like many of you a “cookie Jar” that my mom would buy cookies for and fill it. Now as you might guess, if it was left up to me and my siblings, we would keep reaching for cookies until the jar was empty. But my mom saw to it that (by putting the jar out of reach as well as warning us of the trouble that would come our way if we even touched that jar) it always had something in it. Even with this system in place the cookie jar soon was empty and had to wait until the next pay day to be refilled. So even at that young age we knew three unchangeable facts:  the jar only had what mom put in, if we took any cookies without permission we had a price to pay, Conservation can only forestall the day of reckoning.

We, the society at large, are those cookie thieves, by not remembering what we knew way back in our childhoods, that nothing is inexhauseable and if we were not careful at some point we would have nothing. We only have so much oil, trees, water or whatever before we use it all up. From the industrial revolution forward, we have pretty much acted like this is not the case. If we ran low in this country, then we would go and buy or “take” what resources we need from other countries.

If we have limited resources, then it follows that, we have a limit to growth, it makes no difference what government you live under or what god you serve or if you like hot butter on your breakfast toast! In order for any of us to survive (barring divine intervention) we have to understand this

That does not mean that we should not have a system for exchanging goods and services, Some kind of system will always be needed. The problem is that we have enlarged and screwed the system to the point that it has taken on a life of it’s own. It does mean however, that our leaders across the board have to convince us to put on the “breaks” and move us toward being a self sustaining model rather than a system that just consumes resources without replacing them. A model that will be unable to produce a Bill Gates or 36 billion dollars a year in pet food sales in this country, but cannot seem to keep food banks stocked year around.


This is not a question of rich vs. poor but rather a sober consideration of the path that we are on and the logical terminus of that path… until this is done we will never solve the system of its inherent flaws. It will mean hard work for all of us; we will really be taking charge of our destinies as we move forward.


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