The Perfect Bar

32As I wrote in my first post at WordPress I will be putting up some of my last post with easyjournal.

This one is from last year and has to do with just what is needed for a perfect Bar (or “Pub” if you prefer) I got a lot of responces on just what is needed… Enjoy!

The Perfect Bar

A few years back a friend and former co-worker of mine had a little ritual that we would indulge ourselves with twice a month. We would go out after work and have a drink.

I’m what you might call a “social drinker” I rarely drink by myself. In fact, I keep a goodly amount of booze in my study, which I might touch 4 times a month at best. I do drink wine from time to time usually with dinner. I love beer, but mostly in the summer. To give you an idea of my drinking, I went out and got a cooler for the back of the van to keep drinks in including beer for the summer to drink after sweating on the tarmac at the airport in 100 degree heat. I got two 12 packs. After a month and a fortune in ice, I still have 12 bottles left, nice and warm in that 20.00 cooler. Right now I’m slowly moving them to the fridge two at a time.

So, I’m really not a big drinker by any means. One of the reasons is, after a few drinks I really do not feel that great to be honest, after the 3rd drink. no matter what kind it is. I just do not want anymore to drink. Further, I’m not a fan of drinks with more that one booze in them, most of the drinks I like are with coke. (Jack and coke, Rum and coke)  The only time I drink “neat” is when I need to be knocked out if I cannot sleep. No Singapore Slings for me. I do like Manhattans in a chilled glass with no ice.
Anyway, over time, our after work pastime turned into a quest. To find the perfect bar, our “Cheers” as it were. So if you want to start on your own quest, here are a few things that any perfect bar will not contain…

1. It (with exceptions) will not be a “chain bar” or be located in a Hotel

Hotel bars look good, but are staffed with people who used to work in the kitchen and as a result do not know that a “watering hole” does more than just furnish high-priced drinks to lonely people.

2.  It won’t be “trendy”
Not far from me is a bar that is a beauty to look at. Wood everywhere, all of the employees dressed in black. The female employees drop dead gorgeous. Big wide leather seats and polished tables.

I went one time only. It was just too much to take

3. The bartender has to at least look like he is enjoying his/her job

After you get off work, you do not want to see someone else working in a place they hate. After all you came to the bar to get away from someplace you hate!

4. No Live Music (a jukebox is acceptable however or if live,  Jazz

5. It will have HD TV (low sound)

I have found only one close to the ideal… I will keep you posted


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