It’s the (Stupid)Economy, Stupid

images1By now, the truth about our leaders and the economy should be apparent to all but the lowest life form that creeps or swims. They have no idea how to get us out of this mess! None at all.


You will recall the dark days October when then everything fell apart, how we were told that if we did not get this big chunk of money approved (700 billion) that we were going to hell in a hand basket and we could only blame ourselves for our “Lack of Vision”


Deals were made, the blood of the firstborn placed at the altar, and papers sighed. So they got what they wanted, a few weeks past and what happens? The same guys now tell us (thru the Secretary of the treasury no less) that they have changed plans and now need to prop up the credit card companies. My God, if handing taxpayer’s money to the banks, as atavistic as those guys are, didn’t get your knickers in a wad, These “experts” have done something that would not seem possible… decide to give it, instead, to an industry that has a level of greed that eclipses the banks!


If you hung all of the college degrees that all of these “experts” have I’m quite sure you could wallpaper a blue whale with them. Ask them a question like “should I stay or should I hold?” you will get more opinions than that poor animal has blubber.


The further we stray from just plain ole “ciphering” (just spend what you take in) the less any of us knows. In hindsight, everyone is now saying that a consumer based economy (the type we now have because we no longer make anything anymore but send it overseas) is flawed and will not go on forever. Please… I’m just a poor black man, and I knew that, and said as much to anyone who would listen for the past 5 years.


My point is, right now, anybody who tells you they know what they are talking about when it comes to this economic mess we are in, is delusional and should be given the same level of attention to what they say that you give your goldfish and his opinion.


It’s every man for himself


3 thoughts on “It’s the (Stupid)Economy, Stupid

  1. Good for you, you said a mouthful…straight talk. Something we are not getting from our elected officials within our government.
    I am nothing but a poor class white woman with the same opinion as yours. I guess it is going to take us poor and some what uneducated people to understand what is really going on and smarten up the well educated and rich folks.
    Take all those college degrees of them all and we could cover every inch of the walls in the White House for christ sakes…not a whale.
    Keep trying to get your message out there for we will make progress in doing so….low and hard…but it will turn them around to the truth eventually. Visit my site and see some of what I have Wrote….I am trying too.

  2. thank you for your kind words, plain old common sense is not dead after all and you can be sure I will stop by your site

    Live what you believe,


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