starbucks_coffee_shopFrom where I live, I have 3 Starbuck coffee houses that are within a short drive from my house. One is in a Target store, another is in a Safeway, and still another is a free standing store in the same mall as the Safeway!

I have written in the past about coffee and the people around me who drink It. I was a late bloomer as far as coffee was concerned, we were not allowed to have it as kids and as I grew up I drank very little of it. Preferring instead, to get my caffeine from other sources like Coke or Pepsi. When I was a young tyke and I was working in fast food restaurants’ and Hotel kitchens, soda was the only thing I drank in the hot kitchens that I worked in. The Idea of coffee instead never occurred to me at all.

So at this stage of my life, I find myself a “coffee drinker” So I find myself going into a Starbucks from time to time

It’s something that drives me crazy almost every time I do it! My visits go like this…

“Welcome to Starbucks! May I have your order?”
“Yes you can, I would like a Café au Lait please”
“I’m sorry sir what was that again?”
“Café au Lait”
(By this time any pretence of customer service starts to fade with the next words)
“What is that? I’ve never heard of it” (Keep in mind that the person speaking to me is 19 years old, tops!)
“Well I have gotten one from here before”
“No you haven’t”
“Yes I have”

Sir, we do not have “café odd lats” or whatever you called it” What’s in it? by now the use of “Sir” has lost any air of deference

“Steamed Milk and coffee”

Oh! You mean a “Misto”

Nooo, you mean a “Misto,” me and everyone outside of those doors calls it a Café au Lait.
They then call out to the chief coffeemaker or whatever… Misto! Then looking at me will ask, what size?



And so it goes, a single company trying to reinvent a drink and its name that has been around since before Marco Polo.

All at only 2.50 a cup!


3 thoughts on “Misto

  1. You were right, I really enjoyed this post. Starbucks makes me cry, but it’s just so damn convenient being on every block anywhere. I’m so weak. I’m sorry.

  2. very funny. here’s mine…i went into a Virgin record store, huge place, and asked this 19 yr old kid behind the counter if they had any Django Reinhardt cd’s. Kid looks puzzled and starts to check on the computer. I say ” it’s D-J-A-N-G-O”. he keeps looking, finally he says “i don’t think we have any deejay ango. i swear. continue…

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