Sit, Spot, Sit or How I spent my summer

Good Doggie!
Good Doggie!

As much as I love my dog, a “Golden,” this dog is the Bomb! I met him during a national book festival here in Washington D.C.  “Spot” as in the “Target Spot” is trained so well, he would stand on that chair all day and allow anyone to have their picture taken with him. He was not the only “Star” that I met this summer, I also met Tony Bourdain, Samantha Brown and Dionne Warwick. One day I will do a post of “famous people that I have crossed paths with. The List is pretty long for a nobody like me.

Spot here is pretty much the highlight of my summer, I did a lot of running up and down the East Coast and none of It was any fun. So to be with my girls and spend some time on the National Mall was a nice little break.

I did get my first Screen Credit!

Screen Credits are what everyone sees at the end of a TV show or movie, detailing what everyone and anyone did to produce the film or program. I served as a “Runner” (another word for “gofer”) for a live telecast of a annual show that the cable network that I work for, puts on the air every year around Halloween. While I know that it’s too late to be placed in the “How I spent my Summer” blog. It was a high point for this year and I can’t think of another place to mention It. After all, no one writes “how I spent my fall” posts.


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