One for the Ages

I was going thru my past blog entries, which did not take long as I have written few. I came across this one that I cannot fathom why I never published it. If you read it you will guess just when I wrote it, and my feelings about those times  now over seven years ago.

That world, or to be concise, the world that was hoped for by many. Never came to be, nor was it ever going to be. While with my opening statement, you would think, I should not be surprised, but to tell the truth.. I may have known that we could be low. I just did not know how low we could go and still not see the bottom. These past years have shown me that there is no bottom..


For all of my new readers, I have to tell you that when it comes to politics, I’m steadfastly neutral. That is, I take no stand either for or against any one person or party. I do not think that any man (or woman) can solve the problems that are facing us in this country or the world for that matter. We are too self-centered, nationalistic, and what ever else you can throw into the mix. I do think there is an answer, but it will not lie in any one person.

Having said that, I will tell you that the machine of politics fascinates me. I love the give and take as well as the drama that is inherent in the political realm. I love history and politics is simply history written right before our eyes.

What has now been writ by the hand of politics, of course, is the election of the first Afro American to the office of the President. Something that many of us (and by us I mean the post war baby boomers) assumed that we would not live to see. How wrong we were. Now I think, No.. I know. That this is the last rock of many that had to be moved before any or even all of us could see the possibility of inherent god given full equality. Expressed in a way that even the forefathers of this country could not even conceptualize. With this event, we can now see that at least in this country, institutionalized, government supported, or sanctioned discrimination need not be inherent in the body politic, even if it sill lives and breathes in us as individuals. There will always be some that would rather be whispered to by serpents than be instructed by angels. That can be counted on. Even if these angels are, as Lincoln wrote in his second inaugural speech, our “better angels” that should reside in each of us

This is a gift that cannot be taken away, no more than the freedom that Lincoln himself became a custodian of, and in using that offic, removed the first rock of many that has led us to this day. Many may say that it is a uniquely American gift, in fact and in form and I agree with that assessment, but if one day should come and we find ourselves standing in the rubble of what was once this country, this gift and it’s progeny will stand long after the dust clears.

To be called a man, is something that is not bestowed by anyone, it is earned by our actions. I have always known this and lived my life accordingly. I bow before no man, because he believes that he is better than me because of the amount melatonin in his skin.

Now, our society believes as I do: that no one is better than I.  But with that I also know… that I’m no better than he. We are the same. Not only in God’s eyes, but in Man’s as well


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