2004 Redux: What has Changed?

14351The following was written 4 years ago… I still think it is on the money, except for one Value that even surprised me. The one thing that trumps “American Values” is American Money.. 

   People in this country have to face a cold hard fact; National Elections are not won on the issues. John Q. America is no longer interested. They are won on the appeal of the person running. They are won by getting the “White Midwestern and southern rural vote, period. That fact has not really changed for the last 200 years. If you can reach that block of voters, then you can count on winning any National Office. This election and the elections for the foreseeable future, will be won by dividing the country (“Us” verses “them” or “red” vs. “blue”) 

Government is just like you and me. It changes over time. As such, Government is Responding to a country that is moving to the right, with no reversal on the horizon. It is a movement that has been pushed on by cultural changes as well as past history of this country, along with it’s changing views of freedom and equality. the center of the country feels that we have lost our way. And they are reacting negatively to the changes that have moved the country away from what are considered “American Values”. You, for instance, may like “Queer Eye” or rap music, or young singers who bear all in public. You may think that “gay” unions are a good thing, and so are abortions for that matter. That is just good old “free expression” From your point of view. But the “middle” of the country (read “red states”) does not. (At least not publicly anyway) It’s now expected of Government, to make whole, the will of the governed. Especially on social issues. So while they may fall far short in providing the bare essentials of living for a large section of the populous, they more that make up for it in the voters by reducing freedom in the name of regaining some control over the morals of this country. And this is acceptable and even righteous (if not out right “God’s Will”) to about 51 percent of the voting public.

No matter what the issue is, War, welfare, flu shots, abortion, immigration, you name it. None of them come before “American Values” It is the religion of the 21st century, the real opium of the masses. Is all of this to say that such values have no merit? No, that is not the point. The problem is that the values are in the hands of Politians. That makes them pliable and liquid, shaped by the person who espouses them. Here is a question. Over 50 percent of people say that they are for faith based grants from the government. Now that may be true, but I wonder if the same people would agree that the same funds should go to Non-Christian organizations? Here is another question; is exporting “freedom” the same as offering freedom? Is it a value to protect “freedom” everywhere in the world? Should skin color or “American Interests” determine how we exercise our values? Or point our Guns? Questions of this type are not the ones that are being asked by this 51 percent of voters. They really do not care. All they know is that the leader they voted for is a good man who prays and is concerned about the moral direction of this country.

The urban centers of the cities can be guilty of the very same thing! For an example; Marion Barry, Washington’s former crack using Mayor. Has once again won political office in the city. He has a city council seat representing the city’s poorest ward. He has held this seat before and did nothing for it. Despite that dismal record, the residents have placed him in that office once again. Mirroring the country at large by rewarding incompetency with reelection. Again, style over substance. The past record matters little, if at all. All they know is “Marion cares about the little man” The truth is, that Marion Barry as well as others care only about themselves and their own world view. The rest of us are being carried along for the ride.. even if we do not want to go..


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