Grand Opening

This is really the first post to my new digs at WordPress. while this is my first here, I have been “blogging for about 4 years. So that part is not new, But doing it here is.

that also means that I will be writing to a whole different set of bloggers so I guess I need to introduce myself to my fellow “WordPress Users” The following is the intro blog I wrote over 3 years ago that contains what I think of this “Blogging Thing”


Over The years, I have often read and heard for that matter, that to be a good writer you have to write!  Not just when the muse hits you but, all of the time. at least once a day.
even when you don’t think that you have anything worthwhile to write about.
This is one of those times for me…

fiveJ on “Writing”

By now if you have read any of my up to now three posts, you will be able to discern that compared to a lot of others in this weblog; I barely can write anything of any worth. That being said, you have only seen a small amount of my writing, I however, have had to look at it for my whole life. Still, I love writing and love reading good writing and for some crazy reason think that somewhere inside of me, sits a better writer than the one that is currently renting the space in my head. So, I have to be one of those poor smucks that is told by teachers the worst possible thing a writer can hear: “Talent is not important, you should write for writing’s sake” Even as I struggle to write this, some  English teacher somewhere is using those words to completely destroy some poor would be little persons writing asperations and is pointing them to a rewarding profession as a retail or fast food manager.”Would you like some James Joyce to go with that shake”.”No thank you, but if you can could you put more salt on my Erica Jong fries?” Now I know that everyone cannot be a world famous writer, and I also know that the graveyards as well schoolyards and even barnyards are filled with “good writers” and most die without any notice from anyone (That’s why this site is so popular!) As a writer, a certain vanity has to a part of your makeup. I don’t care who you are, you want valadation from someone!  So can you really write for writing’s sake?  It seems to me that every journal writer secretly wants his journal read by someone who knows what they are reading and who “gets It” no
matter how much they protest to the contrary.

In an eariler post I put down the basics about what I then wanted to achieve with my posts…..

Well after much thinking, (too much,but after all this is me) I have decided to jump into the weblog pit. I like the idea, and like everyone else, I have something to say. when I look at the people who have already started I see that most of them are kids, or at least young people. that makes me wonder if I might be a little off center!  still I want to try anyway and see what comes of It.

Have you ever felt that you had something inside of you that is trying to get out? over the years I have started to write down some of my feelings but I never could keep it going. Maybe doing this might change that, I can hope anyway…..

Well what to write about? I think it will be mostly about people, I mean in general, not always individuals but just your fellowman and how we are the same as well as how we are not. Yesterday for example, I was riding home on the bus; and I just started to look at faces and how each one would tell a story. from there I would choose the one that I would like to draw or paint( I can’t do either but still my mind works that way) and I could begin to see, why an artist would not always pick the most comely, the stories that would come out of my mind during that bus ride were fascinating to me. Each person’s face pointed to a inner person that had a story to tell, Now in real life they all could have been the most boring people that ever took in air on a bus ; but for me that time on that bus for that time they were inspiring!
Will I ever “rant” on this page? I guess; but I would hope that I try by my writing to reach higher, but ranting is not out of the question. Frankly I think that all of us (at least in this country) complain too much about too little. when I go into some of the posts I can see that not a few people are unhappy, if not just plain pissed off at some real or otherwise slight of some kind. that’s not to say that they do not have validity but if everyone is doing it (ranting) who really cares about how any one person feels? Now that might be my first rant! 🙂

Grand Opening


So, what has changed since those earlier posts ? Well for one thing, I now work with a group of folks who also have blogs and will read what I write. So they are pushing me to write more. I think that one of the reasons I have not written as much is, unlike a lot of you out there, I pretty much have written a lot of what I have to say as a “older person” on a lot of subjects and as a result I just do not want to write the same things over and over again. Frankly, I do not intend to, if I have an earlier post that addresses something we are talking about today, you can bet I will just re-post it here after updating it.

this time around I really will strive to be a lot lighter than in the past, my readership prefered the funny me rather than the more serious guy I sometimes can be. As a intro to the “funny” me I will repost a bid about a recurring “guest” on my blog.. “Unca`”J” who in my mind can say somthing about anything a lot funnier and at the same time more to the point than I ever could….. Until Next Time….


Unca J,

I’m in love with a girl in my fourth period math class. I think I love her, but she does not know I exist! What can I do?



Well, “Desperate” you have come to the right place! Your “uncle” is well versed in the ways of the fairer sex (That’s FAIRER not FAIRY, for those of you who swing in another direction) It is hard to tell you what to do however, because you haven’t given me enough details. For a example: You might be butt ugly, or really short, or you are a prime candidate for a Extreme Makeover,” or have a nervous “tic” of some type. (Of course she might be all those things as well, and if that s the case then it cancels out!) So I will put you in the average looking section of guys. That should put somewhere“north” of Homer Simpson. With that in mind, and I will assume that the lady in your math class is a beauty who has everybody, even the teachers, wanting to tap her. My advice to you is, that you have to do something that is far and above what most guys will do. You remember John Hinckley right?; you know that Jodie got the message after my boy tried to take out the President! You however, don’t have go that far. I suggest that you set yourself on fire! Right outside the ole math class door! That’s the only way… After all you are just an average guy, so what kind of real chance do you have? I will tell you! zip, zero, nada. So This way, no matter who she ends up with in her life, she will never forget you!

NEXT QUESTION: Uncaj, I think I love this dorkey looking guy in my fourth period math class, but I think that he is afraid to approach me because I’m pretty. What Should I do?


Pretty in Pink

Dear pretty, Run down to the local hardware store and buy the biggest fire extinguisher you can find, and carry it around. Trust me, you are going to need it!

Next Question:  Uncaj, my boy friend and I think you are the one who can settle this for us. Bubba says that “Mad Cow” is a frightful painful condition brought on by eating infected cattle. Having been raised on a farm, the only time we had any “mad cows” was when mom milked “daisy”, our pet cow too hard!


Milk Maid

Dear MM,

You both are wrong; “Mad Cow” is what my second wife was after she saw the future third wife!

That will about do this time around, keep the letters coming!


One thought on “Grand Opening

  1. Dear Unca J,

    My blog is awesome, I have a sweet video camera, my computer is super fast, i got a humungous hdtv with a Playstation 3 AND a Wii!! But the ladies aren’t diggin it. What gives?

    proactively • peter

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