When A Love Affair Is Over..

When a Love Affair is Over.. We had some good times…  Convertible and me. I remember when I first saw her, sitting in the backyard of my mechanic”s shop, rust free with no dents, she had oversized tires and a huge base speaker in the trunk. Her top was in good condition, and I was […]

Knob Creek

Had a busy time today. went to work, came home, cooked dinner, now starting my year end blog. (by the way, My year end report on my blog, from the hosting company was depressing to say the least. I guess I have to write more entries this upcoming year.. Rather than call this MY YEAR […]

A Father’s question

As most of you arew aware, I live my life at the beck and call of a house full of the distaff sex. as a full fleged card carrying BBBM (baby booming black man) This can grive me right to the core… The things I have to learn the hard way at the feet of […]

Recent Reads

You would think that now that I have more time on my hands that I would have read a lot of books over the past year now that I no longer have to do the nine to five crap….   Just finished “Fresh off the Boat by Eddie Huang  this book shook up all notions […]

Pushing a car uphill.. with a rope

“Well it was trying to push a car uphill.. With a rope” Life can be that way at times, a year ago you could not have told me that I would have lost my job, my last parent, and starting over with my own company. Starting my own company is,  out of all of those […]