What I want for my Girls.. and all woman everywhere

I often mention to people in conversation that I have raised my daughters to be feminists. Really? what does that mean? is it even Christian?

Well, in today’s world feminism can mean different things to many people, but that is because they weigh the term down with unnecessary views and opinions that obscure the real meaning of what should be what every woman should want.. The right to be treated with dignity in this world as capable as any man in the things that matter.

Should my girls be paid the same as any man when doing the same job?

Should they be judged (positively or negatively on how they look when going for a Job?

Should they have to dress and act in a way to impress men, rather than dress in a way that represent them?

Now, I will be the first to say that in a lot of ways I’m a traditionalist on relationships between man and women within marriage, BUT that does not mean that a husband should stick to so called traditions on who should do what ie housecleaning, what the husbands work is as opposed to what a wife should be doing “around the house.” No one should be expected to work a full time job, and come home to do everything else as well. these things should be shared between mates.

I do not care what my Kids do for a living, I just care if they can be happy doing it. Whatever they choose it should be because they can do the Job. Not for any other reason.


And that is what feminism is no more no less.

Well, You Could Ask Me, but I Would Rather You Find It Out On Your Own.

Really, I do, that way we both benefit. You, by a few IQ points (well, a few tenths of a point) and me by not having to teach you everything about your question just so I can then answer it in a way that you can at least grasp the concept enough so not to embarrass me later on when you are asked, “Where did you learn that from? Back of a box of frosted flakes”? No, Joel told me.

I have a very good friend, who is a Doctor, and is very smart in his field but is not  very well read beyond that. Still, he enjoys a good conversation on almost any subject and will listen to you and will admit when he does not know.

In this case, he is not the person to talk about politics or rather the “Civics” of our government.

For 6 years now, he thinks that we can talk about politics, because I said in 2007 that I did not think that the current president would win the National election. Now any disagreement ends with “Who are you? You said that Obama would lose!”

To be fair, this prediction was at the start of the primaries. Obama had carried a northern state or two but we still had a slew of southern states to go. I certainly was not alone at that time with this opinion.

Him: Why Not?

Me:   “Because he will not win in the South”

Him: Why Not?

Me:   Think about it dude.

That led me into explaining how the two party system works, and why we do not elect president by popular votes. I will spare you all of that as no doubt you know all this.

How were we to know, that given a good campaign manager, “Donald Duck” would have won, because the other guy was “stinking on ice” as my Father used to say.

Another time, I spent a hour showing a friend how to move tiles on his Tablet, and setting it up so that everything he needed was on the opening screen.

Him: Wow, thanks buddy

Me:   No problem, anytime..

Two weeks later, he tells everyone that I messed up his tablet!…

Sooo.. I could tell you but, well.. you know.

Knob Creek

Had a busy time today. went to work, came home, cooked dinner, now starting my year end blog. (by the way, My year end report on my blog, from the hosting company was depressing to say the least. I guess I have to write more entries this upcoming year..

Rather than call this MY YEAR END BLOG! I think I will call it “Knob Creek” after the bourbon I’m currently drinking while I write this.

I have to be honest with you guys, I really have no excuse for such a lousy output of updates to my blog. When I was consistent with my writing I found that I had a few folks who would take the time to read them. Most of those are no longer with us, so I guess I may have to rebuild my followers.

Except my “special bud” who will always be that “bud”even if we never see or speak to each other ever again. She knows who she is… (She always reads what I post, it is a dirty job but someone has to do it.) I hope everything is going great for you.. if not well.. you know I will be in your corner. If it gets really bad, then I will hop on the next flight to wherever you are to get things right if I have to…

This year, I guess should be called my “carnal” year, cuz I did a lot of traveling to different places. Like Mexico and Hawaii and the Caribbean. I also ate and drank whatever I wanted to, which has been a blast, to say the least,. Of course, for the next three months I have to make due amends of my reckless ways by killing myself in the gym for the next few months.

However.. not finished traveling yet!

Europe and Asia are on the board hopefully.( Did you know that Knob Creek is 100 proof!)

At this point I need to inform you that if you think that I have a bunch of money to enable me to do all of this globe trotting, the truth is I’m really broke. I just work for an Airline that will let me sit in the cargo hold for free.

Did I have some bad times this year? Oh yea, you can count on that,  mi amigos, Just last week as an example, I had a Panic Attack that made me want to slit my throat. I have medication that is supposed to stop that kind of thing, but I guess it needed to take a week off! I’m sure that I can be a handful at times, so I can’t blame it. After all, unlike me, it does not have to watch over two teenage girls who are slowly driving me to drink. ( Sorry, I forgot that I am drinking right now, so it is looking like a win for them.)

I could go on, but I do not want to be too dark, I look upon this new year as a unopened package of great things. If not, then a gift that will teach me how to be even more hopeful for the next year that will be upon all of us, much too soon

To you and yours, a great year….

Five J

A Father’s question

As most of you arew aware, I live my life at the beck and call of a house full of the distaff sex. as a full fleged card carrying BBBM (baby booming black man)
This can grive me right to the core…

The things I have to learn the hard way at the feet of a 15 year old girl.. did they have to deal with this in the old days….
“Dad, I needth some undergarments
“Why do you speak to me of this? doth knows that it maketh my ears burnth”
” everything is a mirthful thing with thou, you laugh while I must endure soiled undergarments!
“Oh the pain I must endure with this, why do you have a mother? go to her with thy entreaties. By the way whyeth we speak of this everytime we are at the bullseye shop. I just obtainedth thy some undergarments no more a mere score of days ago. do you not knowth Continue reading

Recent Reads

You would think that now that I have more time on my hands that I would have read a lot of books over the past year now that I no longer have to do the nine to five crap….


Just finished “Fresh off the Boat by Eddie Huang  this book shook up all notions I may have had about Asian Americans. Do yourself a favor and run down to the library and check it out.


Getting ready to start “We are Water” by Wally Lamb. I have read every book he has written, so far and each one has left something in me long after I have finished the book. if I would suggest to you which book to start with by him it would be ” I know this much is True”

Pushing a car uphill.. with a rope

“Well it was trying to push a car uphill.. With a rope”

Life can be that way at times, a year ago you could not have told me that I would have lost my job, my last parent, and starting over with my own company. Starting my own company is,  out of all of those things the most unbelievable occurrence for me.


I value constancy, do not like stuff or things, animal or vegetable, that is beyond my control, what little control that any of us have these days. I have always felt that a half a loaf is better than none at all, and “a half a loaf secure is a half a loaf sure”
These times we find ourselves in however, nothing is sure or for that matter, secure. On any level. We have to be what we need to be to survive.

So, off into the fray without a net I have been cast! So far at least, my God has helped at just the right times to keep me and mine afloat, despite my many attempts to fail, I have had to fight the DC government, the Maryland state government, spend a bunch of bucks to get the permissions i needed to start my company up. Not to mention time that I could have been using to drum up sales, I had to use that time running back and forth to the various tax and licensing folks.

Only now can I start up marketing to try to build a home improvement contracting company. In the worst possible time of the year in this business, winter!

Do not get me started on the most feared thing, customers who will tell you they can find someone cheaper to do the job. (then why are you talking to me? call them now or even better do it yourself!) YOU pull the permits, pick up the materials, hire the crew, pay them fairly and back the work for 8 bucks an hour! based on what you think your job is worth…

Wish me success, I will need all I can get….

TV and Me

One thing that I take perverse pride in is the fact that I watch very little TV. I have a big old 60 inch screen that sits nearby that I rarely use. Now, I’m no saint, mind you, in fact, up until recently ( Go thru my posts) I was either too busy or too tired to cut the thing on.The only reason I have cable at all is because the family would revolt if I had it removed. That reason, and of course, since it is a part of a “bundle” I need my WiFi service and so I’m a hostage to Big Cable.

So, the other day after I once again got off of the floor, after passing out looking at the latest cable bill ( &*&#$% 300.00 bucks!) I asked everyone… Does this really make sense? if everyone watched everything all day and night it still would not be a reasonable expense.( Blank stares all around me, like the Dead Sea at night) even after I once again boast of my long lost childhood, where we only had 8 channels to look at. 3 of which were coming out of Baltimore and pretty much duplicating the DC feeds, with poor reception to boot. And one channel that pretty much showed old movies aptly named, in order.. The Morning Movie, The Afternoon Movie, Cartoon Playhouse, and the Nightly Movie ending with the Late Movie and on weekends.. The Late, Late Movie.

The cost of all of this? Free, Free.

Logic, I have learned does not like being around my family it is not welcome and so finds any opportunity to run for the door.

Of course, even I have to admit that the quality of what we now view is a huge jump over it was when I was a kid especially in dramas, not so much in comedy, as I notice that other’s misfortune seems to where most of today’s yuks are mined from.

Good TV drama is becoming expected, rather than hit and miss. Now because of this, my TV ban is in danger and the worse part of it is that I still have not turned on my TV, and I have clocked more TV time in the last month than I have for all of last year…

Next Up… Binged! Beware..