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You would think that now that I have more time on my hands that I would have read a lot of books over the past year now that I no longer have to do the nine to five crap….


Just finished “Fresh off the Boat by Eddie Huang  this book shook up all notions I may have had about Asian Americans. Do yourself a favor and run down to the library and check it out.


Getting ready to start “We are Water” by Wally Lamb. I have read every book he has written, so far and each one has left something in me long after I have finished the book. if I would suggest to you which book to start with by him it would be ” I know this much is True”

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Pushing a car uphill.. with a rope

“Well it was trying to push a car uphill.. With a rope”

Life can be that way at times, a year ago you could not have told me that I would have lost my job, my last parent, and starting over with my own company. Starting my own company is,  out of all of those things the most unbelievable occurrence for me.


I value constancy, do not like stuff or things, animal or vegetable, that is beyond my control, what little control that any of us have these days. I have always felt that a half a loaf is better than none at all, and “a half a loaf secure is a half a loaf sure”
These times we find ourselves in however, nothing is sure or for that matter, secure. On any level. We have to be what we need to be to survive.

So, off into the fray without a net I have been cast! So far at least, my God has helped at just the right times to keep me and mine afloat, despite my many attempts to fail, I have had to fight the DC government, the Maryland state government, spend a bunch of bucks to get the permissions i needed to start my company up. Not to mention time that I could have been using to drum up sales, I had to use that time running back and forth to the various tax and licensing folks.

Only now can I start up marketing to try to build a home improvement contracting company. In the worst possible time of the year in this business, winter!

Do not get me started on the most feared thing, customers who will tell you they can find someone cheaper to do the job. (then why are you talking to me? call them now or even better do it yourself!) YOU pull the permits, pick up the materials, hire the crew, pay them fairly and back the work for 8 bucks an hour! based on what you think your job is worth…

Wish me success, I will need all I can get….

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TV and Me

One thing that I take perverse pride in is the fact that I watch very little TV. I have a big old 60 inch screen that sits nearby that I rarely use. Now, I’m no saint, mind you, in fact, up until recently ( Go thru my posts) I was either too busy or too tired to cut the thing on.The only reason I have cable at all is because the family would revolt if I had it removed. That reason, and of course, since it is a part of a “bundle” I need my WiFi service and so I’m a hostage to Big Cable.

So, the other day after I once again got off of the floor, after passing out looking at the latest cable bill ( &*&#$% 300.00 bucks!) I asked everyone… Does this really make sense? if everyone watched everything all day and night it still would not be a reasonable expense.( Blank stares all around me, like the Dead Sea at night) even after I once again boast of my long lost childhood, where we only had 8 channels to look at. 3 of which were coming out of Baltimore and pretty much duplicating the DC feeds, with poor reception to boot. And one channel that pretty much showed old movies aptly named, in order.. The Morning Movie, The Afternoon Movie, Cartoon Playhouse, and the Nightly Movie ending with the Late Movie and on weekends.. The Late, Late Movie.

The cost of all of this? Free, Free.

Logic, I have learned does not like being around my family it is not welcome and so finds any opportunity to run for the door.

Of course, even I have to admit that the quality of what we now view is a huge jump over it was when I was a kid especially in dramas, not so much in comedy, as I notice that other’s misfortune seems to where most of today’s yuks are mined from.

Good TV drama is becoming expected, rather than hit and miss. Now because of this, my TV ban is in danger and the worse part of it is that I still have not turned on my TV, and I have clocked more TV time in the last month than I have for all of last year…

Next Up… Binged! Beware..

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Something In Common


My Dad came into my head again…


This time was a little different than the last… (He has
popped up more times that I have shared with you guys, but I will say he has
not been around since my last post) Anyway, I got to thinking about what jobs that my
father had held over his life time, other than the Army, and it occurred to me
that I could not really say.( I do not know if he even completed high
school!) When my parents were together, when I came along, I was too young to
ask or care.

By the time I may have wanted to know, he was rarely around.
I could ask my sister, I guess, but that had not occurred to me until now.

Still, I have been able to put together a some placements,
but few were standouts, I do know that he was Brook Benton’s valet for a while.( Look him up) Once, he stopped by
the house, driving a florist truck so that goes on the list. However, the job
that I do know of, was a job for a now defunct airline. He would had to have been
working out at DCA, Dulles International was still in the planning stages. How did I know
about this one job of his at such a young age? I remember this job, because
every morning, I and my siblings would come down the stairs to a red hard
plastic bowl that had A National
Airlines logo stamped on the bottom. That was always filled with oatmeal.

I saw a bowl just like it for sale, at the DCA open house a week before the new
terminals opened a few years back, I should have picked one up. The memories that rushed back on me when I held that bowl again!

So, my dad came into to my head again, with good reason,
today I was working at the one place we have in common, something that reaches
across the years… The same place he was for a time some 50+ years ago. The
same place doing the same time I do now… working for an airline at DCA.

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Is anybody out there?

Well itis time to update you guys,  however I have already taken a sleeping pill so I it will not happen tonight

Here are some of the highlights…. Let go from my Job, now working 2 jobs to get some dough. One house I own is going into closing. And Blood is the new Black!

I will get back to you…


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Stop The Car

My Father entered my head yesterday. As I get older, he is doing that more often. This time I remember him showing up around the time I just started to drive. that would put me around 17-18 years old. I’m driving down Monroe street, he is in the car with me. I’m not clear how that happened, I do not remember which car or even who’s car it was. I never knew where my father lived, so I could not be taking him home.


I think he wanted to see how his first born drove a car, the last time he stopped by, by the time he left the house, he had my asked to “borrow” my BS and T album with the promise that he would bring it back. This was BS and T’s second album so that would put that visit late 68, early 69 -I was in Junior High and would be about 15 years old then, so you have an idea of the time between visits. I never saw my albums again.


Anyway, we are in the car and I’m driving down Monroe street and I’m driving real close to the parked cars on the right side of the street,


“What are you doing Son?”

“Staying on my side of the street Dad”

“You are too close to the parked cars”

“I have to stay on my side”


“Stop the Car”


We change seats, Dad turns the car around, and just like that, we are headed back towards the house. My Father is racing up the street in the middle of the road while giving me the following advice..


“There is no side of the road until another car shows up, until that happens, take up all the space you want.  Also, if you ever have a choice between a car and a tree.. Go for the tree, Trees can’t sue”


Then, just as quick as he came into my head he left, Just like he did when he was alive.

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Are You Ready! You Need This Revisited

Once again it is January and time for my yearly” get in shape” post.  While a lot of folks like to start getting in shape for the year using the first month of the year as a inducement,  the fact is even for those of us who may be in better shape that the average person knows that if we want to be looking good by the time we come out of our winter coats, It will take at least 3 months to either reach or get near to the goal of shirtless perfection.

Last year, for whatever reason, I started late and was sporadic to boot, with my training, and as a result this year I’m not as bad as I was, shape wise last year at this time. weight is around 170-73 and I have been as low as 168 over the last few months.

So I have a pretty good canvas to work with this year, in that, I do not have to worry about weight loss issues to contend with. Which in turn means I do not have to be as concerned with my diet.

That does not mean I can chow down what I want, when I want, but it does mean that I can hold off  the stricter diets until later on this year. That is when I can dial in any adjustments to get rid of any excess fat.

This year I will start on a 12 week plan that will end sometime in March of this year. At that point I will look at what emerges and adjust either workout or diet and that will bring me right up to late spring, and hopefully look like I want to look. Right now I’m 2 weeks into training, a little tired but I feel pretty good.

What about You?  Once again, I need to say.. do something!  even if it is just walking. You can start twice a day, walk for 15 minutes and turn around and walk back. You will at the end of the day have walked for an hour. Cut out just white bread and white potatoes and you will start to lose weight! Over time, you can pick up the pace Keep the time limit but move faster! Continue to make small adjustments in what you eat( lower sugar and fats) and the amounts and the weight will continue to come off.

And you will have not spent one cent on any kind of equipment or gym memberships.

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